The capital of Europe is a vibrant and diverse city, home to well over a million people, ninety percent of whom speak French. It's also a unique city where a local population of Brusselites mix with people from all across Europe and the world. Yet Brussels is home to a spiritual famine and the vast majority of its inhabitants do not know the good news of Jesus Christ.

We love Brussels. We live here, we work here, we meet people here and we want to play our part in proclaiming the gospel here by planting a new French-speaking protestant evangelical church.

We are planting into Etterbeek, a commune on the central eastern side of the city. In many ways it is Brussels in miniature. Tens of thousands of individuals living in close proximity to one another, yet with precious few opportunities to hear the gospel of God's grace. The local area is a melting pot of everyone from rich bureaucrats to recent immigrants, mixing the international flavour of much of Brussels with the foundation of local Belgian culture. 

It is central in transport terms, and serves as an ideal location for the many young Belgians who arrive to work in Brussels, and for the thousands of university students who study near the south-east corner of the commune. It is also well located for the more residential communes to the south-east of Brussels. 

As of January 2016, the plant has begun regular Sunday meetings. We are praying that God will save many, and that by God's grace we will see the gospel grow and people turn to Him. Please read on to find out how you can partner with us.

A plant team

Johnny and Naomi Pilgrem moved to Brussels five years ago after working with a church plant in central London, and they have 4 children. They are members of Woluwe Church where Johnny has been working as assistant pastor since completing his theological studies at the Institut Biblique Belge, and he is now leading the project full time with the support of the plant team.

Our team is made up of members of Woluwe church and others who together want to work to see God glorified and the good news announced here in Brussels. We are currently meeting each week to study the Bible, pray and plan together. Please do pray for other individuals who are currently considering joining the initial plant team.

Woluwe Church - our sending church

L'Eglise Protestante Evangélique de Bruxelles Woluwe began over 30 years ago and is launching this new initiative as part of their desire to reach the city of Brussels for Christ, praying and sending a small team from the church to begin the new work.

A.E.P.E.B. - our family of churches

The Association des Eglises Protestantes Evangéliques de Belgique is a long established association of Protestant Evangelical Churches in Belgium, a francophone denomination consisting of 23 independent churches… and one church plant project! 

We are protestant evangelical christians. We believe with every new church in Brussels that teaches God's word faithfully and clearly, there will be more hearts and lives changed by God's grace, and more opportunities to talk about Jesus.

Our aim is to glorify God in all we do, living out his revealed truth in the Bible. We know Jesus Christ, we know that he has died on the cross to offer the freedom of eternal life to all who repent and believe in him, and we will work to tell everyone of this wonderful grace of Jesus' salvation.

We speak French and we are planting a French-speaking church, seeking to reach into the underlying Belgian and Brussels cultures, and praying for the gospel to grow and take root across Europe. We will be taking strategic decisions in order to serve the local church here and in order to proclaim the unchanging gospel of Jesus Christ to the inhabitants of Brussels.


We believe that God speaks to us by his word, the Bible, which is about the good news of Jesus. So we’ll be working hard to preach the Bible publicly, and opening the Bible to teach and encourage one another in every way we can. Not just so that we understand it intellectually, but praying that God, by his Spirit, will transform our hearts and emotions to make us more like Jesus. 

Loving one another

We believe that understanding the biblical gospel will motivate us to love and serve one another, creating deep and authentic relationships, sharing our lives and the Gospel of grace together as a community of believers, amidst a world where there are many barriers and broken communities. 

Proclaiming the good news

The Bible tells us that Jesus is Lord of everything and everyone and that he will return to judge the living and the dead - we want to warn everyone then, by God’s own words, that they need a Saviour. We believe that as we grasp the wonderful news of God’s grace, we will want to love people here in Brussels by telling them about Jesus' death and resurrection, and we love that we can do that together as a bunch of rescued sinners.

Training for all areas of life

We believe that as we seek to profoundly understand God’s Word, we will be equipped for every area of everyday life here in our city - family, work, friends, social interaction, money, relationships… even holidays. We want to be a church where everyone is equipped to read, understand and live out God's word, speaking the truth in love to one another. And we will want to train and equip men and women who can in turn serve the church by teaching the Bible.

Even if you don't speak French or live in Brussels, you can still partner with us in the gospel, praying for and supporting this project.

We are at a critical stage as we launch Sunday meetings.


We’re praying about all this because we know that God is sovereign, nothing can happen without him, and he loves to answer prayers.

Please pray with us through the information on this website and fill in the form below to send us an email so we can contact you.

We'll send simple, regular updates to help you pray for us.


Planting a new church in the European capital is expensive. We need to support Johnny and family in this work, pay for initial events and equipment, and rent our Sunday meeting space.

You can give a one-off donation straight away simply by hitting the DONATE button below: 

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Keep in touch

If you as an individual would like to be praying or giving regularly over the longer-term, please get in touch and we can give you more information about our plans and how to do that.

If your church or organisation would be interested in partnering with us, get in touch below and we’d love to present the project to you in more detail.